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UNGL Winter Pro League

over 12 years ago

We welcome back the UNGL Pro League format for the Winter with a 250GBP prize fund, running from the 11th January to the 15th February, including the catch-up week.

Last season saw   CrystalSer

take home the prize of £100.
Teams entering can expect a minimum prize fund of £250 this season

[b]Prize fund will be split between the top 3[/b]
1st - 150GBP
2nd - 75GBP
3rd - 25GBP

Only a few changes since the last season. The main one being that we will be accommodating 4 Pro League groups fitting in a larger 24 team Pro League and more competition for the grand prize. Another change being that teams are only going to be able to reschedule twice, this is due to the amount of reschedules that we saw in the previous season.

Teams that were in the previous season, and did not get blacklisted will get automatically accepted into the next season if they apply for this season. Blacklisted teams can appeal for a place by sending a PM to myself.

All teams should have a server for the duration of the season, and it should have the latest version of zBlock and the UNGL config.

Libra Anti-Cheat is mandatory for every game on UNGL, and the season is no different. Please try to sort any problems you may have with it BEFORE the season starts.


WEEK 1 - 11th January 2012 - de_nuke
WEEK 2 - 18th January 2012 - de_season
WEEK 3 - 25th January 2012 - de_tuscan
WEEK 4 - 1st February 2012 - de_dust2
WEEK 5 - 8th - February 2012 - de_inferno

The top 2 teams from each Group will advance to the playoff stages which will be done over 4 nights in a single elimination style. (AKA you lose, you're out) Playoffs will also be Set maps with a Bo3 for Semi-finals and Finals.

[b]Map List[/b]

[b]Playoff dates[/b]
ROUND 1 - 21st February 2012
ROUND 2 - 23rd February 2012
ROUND 3 - 29th February 2012 (This date may be changed at the discretion of both teams)

Please do not signup if you do not intend to play, you may still be entered and your team may recieve losses, and be blacklisted from future UNGL events.

[b]Scoring System[/b]

Teams will receive 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss. Defaults count as 8-0.

Teams must play all 30 rounds, or else the remaining rounds are given to the team that remains on the server.

[b]Handy Links[/b]

Rules - http://www.ungl.org/p/Rules
Staff - http://www.ungl.org/Staff
Libra - http://www.ungl.org/Libra

UNGL Autumn Season - OCT-NOV
UNGL Winter Season - JAN-FEB
UNGL Spring Season - APR-MAY
UNGL Summer Season - JUL-AUG

UNGL Administrator
over 12 years ago

Good luck to those that enter :)

over 12 years ago

GL to all, and lets see who applies this time

over 12 years ago

O.o good luck! :D does this coincide along the amature league ?

over 12 years ago

im sure they said the next season was guna be 1k prize money

over 12 years ago


However you did say this....

"We have a guaranteed cash prize of £500 (plus any sponsorships we secure before the winter season starts) for the UNGL Winter Pro Season so use this season to secure your place as we will only be opening up another 12 slots for the winter season. "

over 12 years ago

oooooooooo busted! :D

over 12 years ago

I beg this gets seeded properly.

over 12 years ago

^ agreed , Gl to all teams anyways

over 12 years ago

Yeah i just expect us, freakz, snogard and crystal serv alll in seperate groups :P

over 12 years ago

hahahah :) make sure u put AYE in ourz :)) hahaha

over 12 years ago

Seed this LeigH guy 1st he used to play for TLR and everything!

over 12 years ago

haha il be happy with div4 seed 6 as long as we can play u Immi mate :) gonna be a good season me thinks gl anyways fella better sleep work at 6 :/

over 12 years ago

I beg

over 12 years ago

There is a problem?? I can't see the groupe stage now ...
What's happen??

over 12 years ago

looking forward to it :))

over 12 years ago

I know right!