Universal Gaming League

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197960350289/

Previous Achievements:

- Advanced into Cal Euro Open Season 12 Playoff

- Advanced into Cal Euro Main League

- Ranked 1st on ESL Amateur Series

- Ranked 1st on fgleague

- Placed 3rd on ESL KOTH #1

- Ranked 1st on enemydown entry

- Advanced into enemydown Open

- Placed 2nd on 64teams Sylvester cup.

- Discovery-Lan Placed 1st on lan.

- Racked 1st on theSGL CSS Championship Season IX

- Placed 2nd ESL-EAS benelux

- Advanced into ESL PRO SERIES benelux

- Placed 2nd on theSGL one-night#29 cup.

- Placed 1st on theSGL one-night#33 cup.

- Placed 1st on theSGL Pre Season Tournament

- Placed 2nd on ESL ESports Nightcup #1.

- Placed 2nd on The Reality X (offline)

- Placed 2nd on The Party 8 (offline)

- Placed 1st on Pro-HL Div 1.

- Ranked 1st on ESL-EAS benelux.

- Advanced into ESL PRO SERIES benelux

- Placed 1st on the-ogl-uk

- Placed 2nd on CASHTOUR#1

- Placed 1st on CASHTOUR#2

- Placed 1st on CASHTOUR#4

1on1 Results