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Pt  z 25 Oct 10:55

miss the good old days :(

Gb  DazzyJ 25 Sep 00:34

Bit of an empty stint :(

Gb  DazzyJ 17 Jul 01:13

Always watching

03  ryanleefellows 13 May 16:08

Thanks though, hope you're good. Miss the good old days!

03  ryanleefellows 13 May 16:08

It was a life sentence.

Gb  DazzyJ 12 May 01:10

Trophies not something that's gonna happen, your other account is actually set for automatic unbanning on like the 21st, so god knows how long it was set for in the first place

03  ryanleefellows 09 May 17:56

And restore his 2v2 trophies, please. Much love. Sorely missed.

03  ryanleefellows 09 May 17:48

unban flybikes.exe

Gb  DazzyJ 27 Feb 09:44

Don't worry, i gotcha ;) blame Gb  paradox for making the chatbox dodgy haha

Gb  hrizn 27 Feb 03:49

didn't mean to do all of them

Gb  hrizn 27 Feb 03:47


01  Bradlewis 25 Feb 20:36

yes please

Gb  DazzyJ 16 Feb 07:30


Gb  paradox 13 Feb 19:21

At least this forum will be great machine learning data for spam :(

Gb  DazzyJ 02 Jan 08:37

Happy New Year!

Gb  DazzyJ 25 Nov 16:12

Always watching

Mc  Xano 23 Nov 02:07

Jesus lads. People actually posted on here recently.

Need Backup!

Need Backup!

Need Backup!