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Gb  dronee 10 May 04:37


Gb  paradox 15 Mar 14:17

Apologies to anyone who wanted to play in the cup, unfortunately we only had 5 valid teams

00  Trak 14 Mar 20:29

is anyone going to let us know?

Gb  Zeyo 14 Mar 20:16

how many teams do we need?

00  Trak 14 Mar 20:15

are we doing this tournament?

Gb  Zeyo 14 Mar 20:14

so no tornament?..

It  Krisden 29 Feb 20:17

remove us from the signs up ok?

It  Krisden 29 Feb 20:17

btw just ask for 1600 rp like all the others tournment and you ll have your teams signed

It  Krisden 29 Feb 20:17

so se you next mondey paradox?

Gb  paradox 29 Feb 19:58

I'll be running another cup same time next week, so hopefully we'll get enough signups

Gb  paradox 29 Feb 19:56

Ok, so it looks like we don't have enough teams to qualify for Riot prizing, I can run the cup if people still want to play regardless

Gb  paradox 29 Feb 19:50

please make sure you're all signed up to: http://events.euw.leagueoflegends.com/events/178170#registrants

Gb  paradox 21 Feb 23:58

I've given the event pages a bit of a facelift: https://ungl.org/events/cups/171

Gb  DazzyJ 20 Feb 21:17

We're slowly getting there ;)

Gb  Panetela 20 Feb 16:56

UNGl getting active again?

Pm  xtr 20 Feb 00:58

hey u guys!

Gb  paradox 19 Feb 00:10

A wild Cup appeared

Gb  paradox 17 Feb 19:38

It  Krisden - As far as I know there's no way for me to gift an IP boost

Gb  paradox 17 Feb 19:33

Ru  nature - We're currently planning a CSGO event, hopefully in a few weeks time

It  Krisden 17 Feb 18:50

i don't get why after 24 hours you cant just gift them as the rule says, let me understand